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According to the Canadian Burn Foundation, approximately 4,000 people in Canada suffer from burn injuries each year. Of these, approximately 20% require hospitalization and 3% will die from their injuries.
Burns can be caused by many different things, including fire, chemicals, electricity, and even hot liquids. They can range in severity from first–degree burns, which only damage the outer layer of skin, to third–degree burns, which penetrate all the way down to the bone.

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Burn injuries are often more severe than you think. At Sidhu Personal Injury Lawyer Edmonton, we will talk to you about your injury and what you can do next. Our goal is to help you get the compensation and support you need. Trying to handle this kind of situation on your own is not always advisable. Our lawyers will spend the necessary time with you to find out exactly what happened. They will then gather all the information you need to claim compensation.
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Regardless of the amount of damage done, there are different degrees of burns, and each is given a specific rating. A burn can be first degree, second degree, or third or fourth degree. The extent and degree of the burn will determine the compensation received.


First-degree burns are considered the least severe type of burn. Touching a hot stove element or inadvertently dropping a cigarette on themself can result in a first-degree burn. Simple first aid and an application of aloe vera can readily cure these burns.


Second degrees are more serious. The skin has been injured in a second-degree burn and may lose its entire top layer. The healing process will be prolonged, and severe scarring is possible. A second-degree burn may result in blistering and painful wounds.


Third-degree burns have injured both the surface and deeper layers of skin. As a result, it usually requires surgical debridement (removal of damaged tissue) and grafting.
The two most common types of third-degree burns are electrical burns and chemical burns, but fire, lasers, or radiation can also cause third-degree burns.
Third-degree burns always leave open ulcers and result in permanent scarring, deformity, and skin discoloration.


Fourth-degree burns are the most severe level of burns. The burn wound will have charring and can have exposed organs. Fourth-degree burns can cause severe disfigurement and can cause permanent damage to internal organs. In addition, the resulting pain from a fourth-degree burn can be painful and is usually fatal.
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When suffering from a burn injury, you need to seek legal help right away. A burn injury attorney can help you get the compensation you deserve for your injuries. Theses injuries can be excruciating and costly to treat. And it will be comforting to know that compensation for medical expenses, missed wages, and pain and suffering may be possible.
At Sidhu Personal Injury Lawyers Edmonton, we will ensure that you get the medical treatment you need and the compensation you deserve. We can make sure that your claim will be handled professionally and that you will get the compensation that you deserve. You can also be sure that your information will be kept confidential.
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If you or a family member has been injured due to someone else’s negligence, you could be eligible for damages. Contact a burn injury lawyer to learn more about your options for legal action.
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A burn injury can certainly be a traumatic injury. In addition, the medical attention required to treat a burn injury can be very uncomfortable and, at times, can be painful. The pain of a burn injury can last for several months, and the resulting scarring can be permanent.
A major burn injury is one of the injuries that has burned the skin and gone through the skin to the fatty layer below the skin. A major burn injury can be devastating to the burn survivor.
The severity of a burn injury can greatly impact how much recovery and how much functional damage there will be. The level of the burn injury will determine the amount of scarring, and the amount of healing time will depend on the severity of the burn injury.
A burn injury can undoubtedly be one of the most painful injuries that a person can sustain. The pain of a burn injury can be excruciating, and many times a burn injury can be fatal.
A 2nd-degree burn can be excruciating. People with 2nd-degree burns have had some of the top layers of skin torn off. This burn will be red and swollen because it will be sore.
A 3rd-degree burn can cause the most debilitating of all injuries. This can cause permanent scarring, the disfigurement of the burn survivor, and the loss of skin and muscle. In addition, the resulting pain from a 3rd-degree burn can be severe.
A second-degree burn should be covered for a minimum of two whole weeks. This is because it can cause blistering and open wounds that can become infected quickly.

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