The first thing we do when we get involved in motor vehicle accidents is to ask and seek first aid and medical care. However, a collision that involves a third party and other vehicles is subjected to legal processes and insurance- especially if there has been an impairment or injury to one or both parties. For instance, working with a personal injury lawyer for assistance can help you navigate the legal process. Injury lawyers are licensed professionals that focus on cases of injury insurance, settlement claims, and compensation for losses due to motor vehicle accidents. They help clients avoid companies that take advantage of the injured party by offering insurance through their terms. Injury lawyers are also known as trial lawyers, although most cases are resolved even before going into trial. claimant meeting personal injury lawyers

Advantages of Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer in Edmonton

The injured party is not mandated to hire their injury attorney, but they can be highly beneficial, especially if your injuries cause serious impairment, pain and discomfort. The difference between hiring and not can be seen in the results and endpoint of the settlement of the case.

Studies and research prove that the success of the injured defendant is much higher with the assistance of lawyers since they are the experts in dealing with these cases. An injury lawyer can be used for numerous types of cases, including but not limited to the following:

In this article, we will be discussing the advantages and benefits of working with an injury lawyer to help gain further understanding and insight, while furthering your knowledge of the process.

You can avoid being a victim of insurance companies 

Settling a claim with an insurance company can be surprising especially if you are representing yourself. Insurance companies usually offer you a settlement amount right away without giving you a chance to consult with lawyers or medical professionals. They usually present you with evaluators, and experts to make you believe that the amount they propose is the worth of your claim, this is rarely the case.

Value your claim and future expenses

A professional injury lawyer would not take your pain and suffering half-heartedly. Injury attorneys value your claims and understand your pain, past, present and future. Injury lawyers will work directly with you and you doctors to obtain the maximum compensation that you deserve. Future expenses of course, depend on a number of factors including the severity of your injuries, they are generally composed of:

  • Therapy (physiotherapy and rehabilitation)
  • Lost wages and earning capacity
  • Long-term pain and suffering due to your injury
  • Psychological treatment for trauma

Your personal lawyer can evaluate these expenses by doing a thorough investigation and investigating all relevant factors regarding your case. This can also prepare you in case negotiation did not work and both parties decided to proceed with a court trial.

Reliable Law Firm in Edmonton

At Sidhu Lawyers, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with professional negotiating skills and services in legal matters related to personal injury. We operate mainly in Edmonton with a team of personal injury lawyers and a support unit that gives value to our goal: to give our clients a relentless approach to all personal injury matters.

Know more about our services to identify if we are the team for you. Do not worry because our team of individual lawyers is always one call away! Contact us at 1 (780) 666-0134 or send us a message at shawn@ngsidhu.com for consultation.

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