Countless advantages are associated with biking. This popular method of transportation is an incredible way to get some exercise, avoid traffic, and save money on gas. On the other hand, sharing the road with motor vehicles can often be dangerous and fatal for cyclists.

Having an experienced bicycle accident attorney in your corner when dealing with the insurance company after an accident is very important, especially if serious injuries are involved. Read on to find out why hiring a bicycle accident lawyer will benefit your case tremendously.

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What is a Bicycle Injury Lawyer?

A bicycle injury lawyer is a professional who specializes in cases about accidents that involve cyclists. Whether it be a car accident or a collision with another cyclist, their job is to provide legal advice which can aid individuals in receiving financial compensation.

In addition, these lawyers will assist their clients in creating a solid case which they can later present to the insurance company. Although cycling is considered a fun and healthy activity, it is crucial to remember that bicycle accident are no different from any other personal injury claim.

Ascertain Liability

Over half of all car-bike collisions are caused by an automobile. However, for you to receive compensation as a bicyclist, you must prove that the motorist is liable for the accident. An experienced bicycle accident lawyer has the knowledge and experience necessary to scrutinize law enforcement reports, eyewitness accounts, and reconstructions of the events leading up to your crash to make a compelling case against the at-fault party.

A skilled personal injury lawyer will also expertly represent your interests in negotiations with insurance companies on your behalf. He or she will make sure there is no room for interpretation that diminishes your case, and if settlement talks stall, he or she will commence litigation.

Communicating with Insurance Companies

Even if you do not plan on filing an official or lawsuit after a cycling accident, you should still hire a bike accident lawyer. This is because insurance companies will ask for your statement and work to build their case against you. Although this may seem like an unfair approach, it is completely legal, and the motorist’s insurance company has every right to do so.

Bicycle Accident Lawyers know precisely what information insurers are looking for and how they go about gathering it. When you enlist the assistance of a bicycle accident lawyer, he or she will be with you through each step of the process, providing you with guidance on what documents you need to contribute, which questions are most important, and, if necessary, help guide negotiations to get you the best settlement possible.

Defending Your Rights

If you plan to file an official claim or a lawsuit, you will need to gather all the necessary evidence and prove that the at-fault party was negligent. You would have to hire an accident lawyer as they know best which evidence is critical in successful personal injury claims.

It is important to note that In many cases, cyclists are not entirely without blame for accidents. An attorney can also help defend your interests if another party is involved, and advocate that liability for the crash is shared. For example, if a bicycle runs a stop sign and collides with a vehicle that had the right-of-way, both parties may be held responsible depending on the circumstances.

Proper Investigation of the Accident

Another critical factor to consider is how thoroughly the police have investigated the accident scene and collected evidence. The local authority will usually gather statements from all parties involved, but they may not conduct an extensive investigation if no severe injuries or fatalities are involved.

If a thorough investigation is not conducted from the start, then a bicycle accident lawyer can hire their investigators to look into the case. This will give you a major advantage later in court because you will have access to all available pieces of evidence.

Demonstrating the Scope of Your Injuries

To receive the settlement that you deserve, your injuries must be comprehensively documented. In many cases, bicycle accident lawyers will hire a professional injury expert who can explain the extent of your injuries and how they have affected your life, as well as how they can affect your life in the future.

An experienced bike accident attorney doesn’t need to be at your side for medical examinations – unless you feel more comfortable with their presence. This being said, having them onboard ensures that all of your medical records are being reviewed carefully. This way, he or she can pinpoint exactly what injuries were sustained due to the crash and which ones you should be compensated for.

A skilled personal injury lawyer knows how to negotiate from a position of strength and make compelling arguments in court, so do yourself a favor and contact one. They will make sure to fight for your best interests every step of the way and to get you the compensation that you deserve.

Bicycle Accidents Claims

Bicycle accident attorneys handle all types of cycling accidents claims. Some of these cases include:

  • Collision with cars or trucks
  • Scrapes, cuts, and bruises from road rash
  • Broken bones and fractures (which might or might not require surgery)
  • Head injuries, such as concussions and traumatic brain afflictions
  • Road rash which results in infections
  • Emotional trauma and distress

It is common for bicyclists to weave in and out of traffic when riding through the streets of a bustling metropolis. This can be frustrating for other drivers, but the bike rider has every right to occupy that space. If another vehicle were to crash into you while trying to avoid hitting another car or object, you should file a claim with the insurance company.

Factors to Consider for When Hiring an Accident Attorney

There are many bike accident law firms that you can find these days. However, they are not all equally capable of representing clients. So, it is crucial to do your research before enlisting the assistant of one particular law firm. Here are some factors to consider:

1) Review the bike accident lawyer’s experience. Since they have been practicing bike law for years, accident lawyers should be fully aware of what strategies must be utilized to win a bike case. Just make sure that the bike injury lawyer you hire has extensive experience dealing with both car accidents as well as bicycle-related incidents since this will enable them to provide thorough counsel during your bike accident case.

2) Look out for a bike accident attorney with a good track record. Just as with any other profession, bike lawyers have their level of expertise. The more they successfully win bike cases, the better they become in terms of knowing bike laws. So before hiring a bike injury lawyer for your case, ask around to find out if they are indeed reputable and experienced enough to handle your case, as well and win it.

3) Inquiries about bike law firms that are found online. If you decide to hire a law firm from an online directory, ensure that the site is updated regularly by its webmaster. You should also check whether or not there are individuals posting reviews on these law firms’ websites, since this will tell you a lot about the bike injury law firm’s legitimacy.

4) Check if a bike accident lawyer is a lawyer in your area where your case is being heard. Hiring a bike accident lawyer within your vicinity is helpful, as laws tend to vary from one province to another. So, if you have a bike accident case, for instance, choose a bike law firm that understands bike laws in British Columbia rather than one from Quebec. 

5) Inquire about the accident lawyer’s rates. Be wary of bike injury attorneys who offer free consultations, but then charge unreasonable bike accident attorney fees. Bike injury attorney fees can be costly, so choose an affordable bike law firm for your case.

This being said, you should also be cautious about hiring a bike lawyer who offers low-cost legal services. This is because it could mean that they are inexperienced and may not have the knowledge needed to win you the compensation that you deserve. 

As noted above, there are many factors to consider when hiring a bike injury lawyer. So, make sure to do your research before choosing the ideal injury attorney to represent you, as this will directly affect the outcome of your case.

Other Factors to Consider

Bike accident lawyers should also be well-versed in bike laws and regulations, such that they can solidify their clients’ cases. For instance, they can look into local ordinances that might not favor bikers or ensure that they are adequately enforced.

For answers to commonly asked questions regarding bike laws and safety, read below.

What if there are no bike lanes?

Some cities are more bike-friendly than others. If bike lanes are not present and a bike accident occurs, then you can file a claim with the at-fault driver’s insurance – or possibly his or her employer. The prosecutor will determine the individual liable for the bike collision, and any damages awarded will be based on that assessment.

What if my bike is stolen?

If your bike was stolen, you could still make a bike accident claim with the insurance company of the party that caused the crash. The license plate number of the vehicle involved could be crucial in helping your bike accident attorney build a case.

Do bike riders need bike lights?

You should always ensure that you have bike lights. This is because if you were riding your bike at night or in poor weather conditions, and were struck by a vehicle you couldn’t see (or vice versa), the court will consider this factor when reaching its verdict.

What if I failed to wear a bike helmet?

In many bike accident claims, bike helmets do not have to be worn. However, cyclists who were injured should try to find a bike accident lawyer who can determine if the other party is negligent in their driving, thus making them responsible for the injuries.

What if the biker is the individual who caused the accident?

If the bike rider is at fault, then they will not be entitled to compensation from the other party. However, bike accident lawyers can determine whether or not there are bike violations that could affect your case and its outcome.

Bicycle accident attorneys know how to create compelling arguments in court. They will make sure that you receive the maximum compensation for your bike accident claim. They will fight tooth and nail to ensure that you are not taken advantage of by insurance companies, the courts, or anyone else who might be responsible for your bike injury.


Never try to handle an accident claim without the assistance of a bicycle accident lawyer. A professional will know exactly what to do and can be trusted as your advocate in court should you need to go that far. If you want justice, hire a reputable bike lawyer in Canada.


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